Woolen Heart of Portugal

Situated in the Serra de Aire mountains, we breathe the colourfulness that surrounds us and inspires out creations. From the collection of the wool, to the washing, carding, combing, spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing, we take care of the entire transformation process.




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Light and soft in texture, cotton is the ideal choice for summer and warm days.


Me encanta todo. Exquisito gusto.
Texturas naturales. Muy bella estética y la
recuperación de técnicas ancestrales.

Mariía Claudia Manrique


Très joli magasin les produits sont réalisés avec de la laine portugaise et fabriqués au Portugal. Très large choix de gamme et de couleur. Produits modernes à un prix convenable compte tenu de la qualité. Très bons accueil et conseils en boutique. 

Je recommande!

Violaine Masson


There are 2 shops in town and I managed to spent in both of them. What can I say?I love the products that they have. All in natural wool with beautiful colours, classic and modern, the perfect kit for winter or fall.

Cyuf B.



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of our products and decorations.

 -  In the heart of Lisbon since 2010 ...

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