Benefits of Wool

Wool is family-friendly! 

It’s a natural material that doesn’t cause allergies. A resistant and long lasting product.  


Suitable for all seasons! 

Wool isn’t only suitable for winter times as its balanced thermal properties allow it to adapt easily to the various seasons of the year. Summer afternoons or winter mornings, you choose!


Sustainable and non polluting! 

Wool is biodegradable and renewable, a very important aspect in order to care for our climate and planet. Its washing process doesn’t release microplastics to the oceans like synthetic fibers do.

How to care
for wool

Wool is a fully natural product that requires the same care as your skin, leather and even hair - maintenance is needed. When well cared it lasts a lifetime.

  • You don’t need to wash your wool products very often; its fibers have a natural coating that makes them resistant to dirt and dust. Wool doesn’t spread bacteria so you may just leave it outdoors, catching fresh air frequently. Massaging it with a moisturizer helps keeping the fiber hydrated and preserves its quality.


  • To wash it in the machine, use a special wool detergent (low amount) in a cold setting with the minimum of rotation. To wash it by hand, since wool is a natural fiber, you can choose a hair shampoo instead of the traditional detergent. Squeeze out the excess water with your hands.


  • Let it dry flat, on a smooth surface placing, for example, a towel underneath to absorb the water.


  • When storing wool in drawers and closets, add a natural anti-moth solution (such as lavender, eucalyptus, cedar flakes or bay leaves). We advise you not to use the same product every year, as the moth gains resistance to those solutions. Cold is also an excellent killer of moths, so you may put your textile garment in the freezer for 15 days to neutralize the larvae.